Responsibility Day

As I contemplate exercising more agency in setting the direction of my life, I  am also examining my role in a global society and the U.S. democracy.  Last week, I took part in a protest for the first time, and I’m thinking about joining another one this Saturday.  Earlier today, a Facebook friend suggested that everyone should spend some time reading the Declaration of Independence this weekend. That is an excellent suggestion and I am looking forward to revisiting a document I have not read since high school.

Seth Godin offered up some clarifying thoughts regarding the relationship between independence and responsibility:

Independence Day.

Often mischaracterized as a day of independence.

What actually matters is what you’re going to do with it.

It turns out that if you have the power to make rules, the rules are your responsibility.

If you have the freedom to make choices, the choices are your responsibility.

And if you have the ability to change the culture, to connect with others, to make a ruckus, then yes, what you do with that is your responsibility as well.

Doing nothing is a choice. The thing you didn’t say, the project you didn’t launch, the hand you didn’t lend…

But whatever we do, if we have the independence to do it (or not) is our responsibility.”


Photo Credit:  @boomkack

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