Learn to Let Go

“LEARN TO LET GO You can move from active to passive, and back again. Adult life can be partially summarized as the effort to maintain control. This means you attempt to control your body movements, emotions, speech and where you are going in life. As important as this is, letting go of control is also necessary but is a lesson that few people learn well.

If you cannot let go of control, you cannot go to sleep at night, for sleep is the ultimate letting go. Also, many important processes within you cannot surface if you control what you experience all the time. Your body-mind heals itself by doing things you might not consciously like, such as vomiting poisonous food, producing scary dreams and discharging stressful emotions in an attempt to heal old traumas.

If your control went too deep, you would die very quickly. That is why most of the vital life processes are beyond your control. To get into the realm of the most vital parts of your mind and body, you need to learn a little bit of humility — of letting go.”  ~ Tony Crisp, dreamhawk.com


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