How to Deal with the Feeling of Time Scarcity

I came across an interesting blog post on the experience of time scarcity. “One answer is to do fewer things — simplify by cutting things out of your life, do some things less or not at all. Another answer is to outsource, hire a team, delegate. These are all great options. But true mastery of the time scarcity demon only really comes from a mindset shift.”
The author concludes that the feeling of scarcity is generated by greed. We want more time and are dissatisfied with what we are able to accomplish with the time we have.
The solution is to tune into our body when the experience of time scarcity occurs and bring ourselves into the present by being grateful for our current activity; thereby grounding ourselves in the present moment before moving on to the next task.
I imagine that this approach will leave me feeling more at peace with shifting a task from one day to the next. I welcome more presence and being in my life.
Photo Credit:  Stephen Barnes

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