How to Move Forward in Life [Video]

Dr. Jordan B Peterson is a Canadian clinical psychologist and professor of psychology at the University of Toronto.

In this age of anti-intellectualism, Dr. Peterson offers an intriguing theory on why such a dynamic exists.  He says that people who have competency and authority naturally wield power as a byproduct.  People who do not understand this fact, can not come to terms with that power and therefore seek to destroy authority and competency.  Both characteristics are typically strengthened by intellectual pursuits. The type of pursuits encompass more than what can be obtained from books or institutions. It includes life experience, wisdom, artistry, athleticism. Expertise in any area gives a particular authority and competency to its owner.

Dr. Peterson believes commitment and sacrifice are the same thing. We are naturally compelled to seek dramatic demonstrations of passion for an idea.  In order to create a better life, we must move from the unbearable present to the ideal future.  Our idea of an ideal future.  We must commit to something.

Commitment and sacrifice are the same thing! ~Dr. Jordan Peterson

Dr. Peterson warns against resisting the pull of what compels us. He says ignoring your life’s calling will bring about disaster.  The space in your life intended to be filled by your life’s purposed will be filled by everything you do not want. And worse of all, you will realize that it was you who blocked yourself and squandered the opportunity.

You have to sacrifice what’s most meaningful to you. It could be the worst of you. God only knows how in love you are with the worst of you.  ~Dr. Jordan Peterson

So figure out how to move forward in life and fulfill your purpose.  Most of all listen to yourself. Do not judge yourself to harshly.  Make a plan and keep moving forward.

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