Stop believing your bullshit

The title of this post is harsh but so is the way we treat ourselves. There’s a popular saying, “we would never stand for someone speaking to us the way we speak to ourselves”.

Would you remain friends with someone who constantly berated you, disregarded your best efforts, and recounted your every mistake during every conversation?  Most people would find a way to extricate themselves from such a relationship.


Kate Bartolotta of Huffington Post makes an excellent point in a recent article.

“All that stuff you tell yourself about how you are a commitment phobe or a coward or lazy or not creative or unlucky? Stop it. It’s bullshit, and deep down you know it. We are all insecure 14 year olds at heart. We’re all scared. We all have dreams inside of us that we’ve tucked away because somewhere along the line we tacked on those ideas about who we are that buried that essential brilliant, childlike sense of wonder. The more we stick to these scripts about who we are, the longer we live a fraction of the life we could be living. Let it go. Be who you are beneath the bullshit.”

Read the entire article here.

With Grace,



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