The Love Letter

I am all for exploring vulnerability and intimacy in myself. It is just as captivating when I am granted a view into this realm of another’s life. Monika Carless writes heart-rending love letters of regret and longing on her blog Simply Solitary.

He’s more myself than I am; whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.” ~ Emily Bronte

“I find myself counting up the years we could have together and wishing that we had met a century or two ago so I could look into the future and not see a horizon.

Centuries with you don’t scare me but horizons do, even if it is bathed in the sweetest sunset I have ever seen. You are the sun that spreads itself across the sky in brilliant hues of amber and vermilion, filling my eyes with impossible dreams.

You are the inconceivable made real, the rise of a flock of sparrows into a cerulean sky.

In the beauty of your love, there has been an awakening of my soul.”  ~ Monika Carless, Simply Solitary

Read the entire love letter by Monika Carless here.

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