Chakras and the Mind-Body Connection

In a recent workshop at Bodhi titled ‘Your Body is Your Mirror’. During the workshop, licensed spiritual practitioners guided the class through exercises to understand and explore our body mind connection.  One such activity was a guided chakra meditation. Here’s a brief description of each chakra and the related body area.

chakra and body

Crown: Endocrine System – Pineal Gland; Body – Cerebral cortex; Function – Connects us with our Spiritual self.  (Read more about Crown Chakra)

Third Eye: Endocrine System – Pituitary Gland; Body – Autonomic nervous system; Function – Intuitive centre of will and psychic abilities.    (Read more about third-eye Chakra)

Throat: Endocrine System – Thyroid; Body – Respiratory system; Function – Communication and self-expression.  (Read more about Throat Chakra)

Heart Chakra: Endocrine System – Thymus; Body – Circulatory system; Function – Unconditional love and self-love.  (Read more about Heart Chakra)

Solar Plexus: Endocrine system – Pancreas; Body – Digestive system; Function – Power and wisdom centre.  (Read more about Solar Plexus Chakra)

Sacral: Endocrine System – Ovaries and testes; Body: Reproductive system; Function – Centre of sexual energy, feelings and emotions.  (Read more about Sacral Chakra)

Root: Endocrine System – Adrenals; Body – Excretory System; Function – Survival. (Read more about Root Chakra)

“Enlightenment is making friendship with the whole existence.”
Amit Ray


heart chakra 2

Based on my feelings during the meditation, it was apparent that I need to work on opening my heart chakra and unblocking my throat chakra.  The heart chakra deficit shows itself in resistance to feeling strong emotions and avoiding deep connections. My throat chakra blockage actually presents itself as a physical sensation.  My throat is often tight and constricted.  I tend to breathe shallowly as well.  When upset, my voice can completely lock-up and I lose the ability to speak.

throat chakra


There are several spiritual tools you can heal to balance and heal your chakras.

chakra meditation on beach

Affirmations.  I choose affirmations that remind me of my wholeness and ability to love and forgive myself and others.

Forgiveness Practice.     I am called to complete the forgiveness practice in order to release the negative feelings and the associated limiting beliefs. I wrote about the forgiveness practice here and here.

Prayers and Meditation

The ho’opono prayer

This is the short version of the Hawaiian prayer for forgiveness and resolution.  I repeat this prayer while resting my hands on my stomach, throat, or any body part that is aching. This also acts as a meditation.

I love you.

I’m sorry.

Please forgive me.

Thank you.

I wish you every success on your own spiritual journey.

With Love,


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