Spiritual Practice of Receiving: Acknowledging and Self-Love

I have committed to 22 days of exploring the spiritual practice of receiving. I will examine my heart’s greatest desire of complete self-love and its relationship with a variety of receiving states.

Receiving State: Acknowledging

When I think of how self-love relates to ‘acknowledging’, I think of the various ways we reject portions of ourselves that either disturb or upset us in some way. Self-love is the ability to acknowledge our own darkness just as much as we embrace the light. What happens after the acknowledging is up to us — so is what we discover.¬†

Here are some things I acknowledge about myself:


Le21eme 4

I have a temper.

Most people would not believe this because I keep tight control of my anger. I do not like the effect anger has on my body and emotions, so I neutralize it as soon as it arises. I am learning a different approach now; letting the emotion rise up to be released. After consideration, I realized that I was not neutralizing anger but simply repressing it due to the lack of acknowledgement.


Le21eme 10

I am inclined to be selfish.

Again, I think most people who know me would be surprised by this. That is because I acknowledge this aspect of my character and make conscious efforts to be giving.

Le21eme 8

I am a sensation freak.

This could mean many things but essentially it means that I seek pleasure in most things:  food, sex, entertainment, etc. The bigger the endorphin or dopamine release, the better. This can lead to overindulging which makes self-discipline and balance a high priority for me.

With Love,


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