Spiritual Practice of Receiving: Hearing and Self-Love

I have committed to 22 days of exploring the spiritual practice of receiving. I will examine my heart’s greatest desire of complete self-love and its relationship with a variety of receiving states.

It is all an open secret. ~Ram Maharshi

Receiving State: Hearing

When I think of how self-love relates to hearing, I think of how it is an act of love to remain open and willing enough to hear your inner guide. It is an act of love to stay so deep inside yourself and connected with your every thought and action that you hear what your thoughts are really trying to tell you. What your soul is wanting to reveal and the secrets the Universe is longing to share.


Yesterday, I made a point of listening to my intuition. I let it lead me to make a certain purchase, change an appointment, buy a random gift and give my full attention to someone who needed connection.

Last night, I dreamed that my naturopath was advising me on creating a plan to eliminate personal debt. She said that I could address my own debt relatively easily and directly. Pay $76 per month through 2018 and I will be done. But she said, there’s a debt you don’t know about that belongs to your mother. Until you clear that, you will never really be debt free. She advised that I pay $84 per month to clear my mom’s debt and then my personal debt will drop to $64 down from $76. She wrote these numbers on a white board as I sat in her office.


The first thing I thought about when I woke this morning was ancestral karma clearing. I am listening, I heard and now I will act. I will reach out to my Shamanic practitioner now and devise a plan of action for ancestral karma clearing.

I’m continuing with the 22 days of Receiving practice recommended by Edward Viljoen. Gotta love those Bodhi Spiritual Center classes and workshops!!

With Love,


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