Tell Your Truth. Even When It’s Hard.

I am fortunate to have an incredible team of supportive friends and professionals. One is Drew Bales, my health and wellness coach.  He is an expert in his field and committed to supporting me in reaching my health and wellness goals through challenging workouts, thoughtful advice and a listening ear.

Drew Bales

Another member of my team is Joan Coletto, my spiritual advisor and life coach. Joan is an earth mother of incredible compassion and power. The sessions with her are intense and healing. I often leave with homework and the knowledge of something newly discovered.


I discuss goals in all areas of my life with both coaches. Often times this leads to shame regarding the progress I have not made. Their understanding and relentless engagement pulls me into facing my truth. The experience reminds me of an excerpt from an article by Jessica Berger Gross.

….I was reminded of why it’s so important to overcome shame and tell the hard truth — how telling the hard truth is an important antidote to our own shame, and more broadly to the stigma associated with the things we attach shame to. It occurred to me that it’s unfair to tuck these kinds of secrets behind facades of exceptionalism and superiority, and that maybe we have an obligation to others to be more forthcoming. It starts with the painful task of being honest with ourselves, when no one around us really wants us to be.

Read this amazing article about a writer who eventually faced the truth of her family’s history:  My Parents Said I Bruised Easily

Featured Image Credit: Zoe Kravitz

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