The Trust Walk

During my Foundations class at Bodhi Spiritual Center, my classmates and I took part in a trust walk.

After a guided meditation, everyone in class was instructed to complete a trust walk with their prayer partners.  We each would take turns closing our eyes and being lead in a silent walk by our prayer partner for ten minutes.

My prayer partner is Mariluz, a vivacious woman who glows with her love of life and others. Mariluz was nervous when her 10 minutes to be lead began.  She grabbed onto my hand tight and giggled a lot.  As the minutes, passed she seemed to relax but kept smiling and giggling.

When it was my time to be guided, I noticed several things.  While I held Mariluz lightly, she grabbed me tightly to her. There was a required trust to ensure I followed her physical queues and did not trip. Bliss began to rise in me and lasted throughout the exercise.


Without needing to process my surroundings, I was free to relax and feel. My senses expanded to feel the wind on my face, the heat of my partner’s body against mine, the sounds of passing cars, and voices drifting on the breeze. The tears I shed at the end of the trust walk were from joy and release.

After the walk was completed, we returned to class and were instructed to sit in silent meditation.  Once everyone returned, Rev Lola said a prayer and the meditation ended. She asked the class to share their experiences.

What I learned from listening to various people is that I am not that different from others. Several people felt the joy and release of giving up control and being guided. They felt the bliss of trusting and being loved.  


You can do the trust walk with your family and friends. It is simple and will highlight aspects of yourself that you may not be aware of. Things like:

  1. How easily do you trust?
  2. Are you comfortable with vulnerability?
  3. Are you comfortable with non-sexual intimacy?
  4. Can you relinquish control to another, and do you feel relief when doing so?
  5. Do you need more touch?
  6. Do you need more support?

My experience with the trust walk left me with clear answers to each of these questions. I hope it’s useful to you as well.

With Love,


The featured photo is of my Spring 2017 Bodhi Foundations class.  My prayer partner, Mariluz, is the first person in left-front row.


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