Here in this Place

By Kenya Dockens

Yesterday I cried

I allowed myself to release

for a moment to be free

of all the thoughts imprisoned inside and against me

I let myself breathe


I blew off the steam like a pot of tea’s

loud burst of heat releasing pressure

I unlocked the key

And with a single step

ended the great depression



Yesterday I cried

Streams of guilt, shame, disappointment, and rejection

masking the truth of my mirror reflection

Owning my fears with no doubt or question

Feeling what I feel with no objection.


Every tear is freeing

Uncovering Seeds of fear buried in the soil of my spirit

I find hidden fears Manifested like weeds in my being


Growing the needs of redemption

Yesterday I cried with intention

No longer a victim

I surrender to this place of Divine intervention

No longer stuck

Peace between the perception of broken pieces

I’m waking up


And in this place I am free

Whole and complete

Like a drop of water in the ocean

The spirit of God surrounds and moves through me

I sow seeds of love and attract like energy


Today I am breathing and yesterday ceases

I know that God is all there is

And I am the son

You are love

And We are one

As we grow in grace

I declare greatness for you


And I am so grateful to be here in the place with you

The poem was written and recited by a Foundations classmate, Kenya Dockens, at Bodhi Spiritual Center in Chicago.  I was moved by the sheer quantity and variety of talent in our class. I will post other pieces over the next few weeks.

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