A Letter to Myself

A few days ago, I received a letter in the mail.  My husband assumed that I accidentally addressed something to myself (this has been known to happen).  He handed me the envelope and waited for me to open it and concede that he was correct.  Instead, I received a surprise.  Inside the envelope was a single small sheet of paper torn from my daily journal containing a handwritten message to myself.


At the beginning of the Foundations class at Bodhi Spiritual Center in Chicago, students were instructed to write a letter to ourselves about what we wanted to accomplish by the end of class. We were to write what our lives would look like at that time.  The letters would be mailed to us after the class ended.  Here is what I wrote:

At the end of Foundations class, I expect to have lost 20 pounds and increased my workouts to five days per week. I will adhere to my spiritual practice every morning and night. I will speak clearly, with passion and confidence. I will walk fully in love and grace. My heart will know self-forgiveness for past mistakes. I will be comfortable with the love I feel for others. I will embody love. I will accept love. I will be as love in the world.

I will have a clear idea of the next job/career I will pursue. It will call to me and pull at my soul. I will feel a great joy when I think of this job/endeavor/project. It will feed my spirit.


Progress Against Objectives

  • I have lost 20 pounds since the beginning of the class
  • I am continuing with my daily spiritual practice
  • I have moved to a space where I love more freely and accept love and affection from myself and others
  • I continue to work on identifying job and career objectives

Thanks for reading a bit about my life.

With Grace,


This post was written in response to the daily prompt:  paper.

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