Affirmation: Financial Freedom [Audio]

It is said that humans are driven to seek their own truth. That is to say we look for validation of what we already believe to be true. This often causes us to carry out acts driven by our subconscious beliefs. When we see these beliefs manifested in events, they are often interpreted as our fate. “Of course this would happen. These things always happen to me!!”

pinquote - cj fate

Tragically, this unaware thinking often blocks good that could come into our lives because we do not believe it is for us. So we verbally turn the good away. We physically look away from opportunities and spiritually close our hearts and minds to an abundant future.

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Think of the amazing possibilities if we consciuosly thought this instead?

“All financial doors are open; all financial channels are free, and endless bounty now comes to me.”

– Catherine Ponder

Here is a recording of the affirmation.




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