The Cry of the Soul

Eternal am I, birthless and undying; centuries old am I,

yet have I the freshness of youth.

Eons of time have I traveleled,

yet am I unfatigued.

Eons ahead of me stretches my path,

yet am I resolute and unafraid.

Storms have raged,

yet I have pressed on.

Air and sea and the remotest corners of the earth,

I am known to them all.

Exquisite agony and ecstatic joy have throbbed within me.

Highest heaven and deepest hell have left their memories.

I have passed through the waters of sorrow and been unharmed.

I have passed through the gates of death and yet do I live!

And so it is……

A poem from Wisdom of Our Elders by Dr. Dan Morgan.

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