Visioning and Guided Meditation: My Soul’s Purpose

It was our seventh week of Foundations class at Bodhi Spiritual Center . A lot took place this evening, besides for the love canal exercise, we enjoyed a guided meditation by Reverend Lola Wright. In this particular case, she was guiding us to envision our soul’s purpose.


Class members were directed to either sit in a chair or take a comfortable position on the floor. Some of us were laying down and others were sitting.  As Reverend Lola lead us through the meditation, I seemed to be extremely aware of my body. Constantly shifting out of discomfort.  Yet, I noticed a difference. I was okay taking up space. Sitting straight up with my legs open. My body language said I was open to this experience and the results proved fruitful.

Reverend Lola walked us through a visioning exercise created by Rev. Michael Beckwith, D.D.  The questions and my responses recorded during class are below:

What is Spirit’s highest vision, Divine idea for the expression of my Soul Purpose?

To create/generate collaboration for the healing of humanity. To fully embody my loving spirit and give it away to nourish others.

Who must I become to be an avenue through which this Vision manifests?

A fierce soldier of love — passionate, eloquent, confident and devout.

What must I release?

I need to release regret, shame and anger.

What must I embrace?

I am of God and one with God. I am loved and I am love.

What must I commit to, to live this vision?

I must commit to letting go of the past, forgiving myself and others and living in the present. I must commit to loving myself fully, as I am right now.

Is there anything else that wants to be revealed?

Not at this time.

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