The Love Canal

The love canal is one of the most transformative experiences I know of.  To love and to accept each other exactly as we are, to see and know the truth of each other as whole, holy, perfect demonstrations of life…that is the consciousness that heals.  ~Rev. Lola Wright

In this week’s Foundation class, our Bodhi Spiritual Director and class facilitator, Reverend Lola Wright lead us through an amazing exercise known as the love canal. It is a symbolic spiritual rebirthing process.

During the exercise, the participants were to feel loved, supported and continually connected as they passed from one end of the line to the other. The constant touch and closeness of those in line was meant to simulate the birthing experience. The room was dark, hot and quiet except for a meditation song by kirtan vocalist Jai-Jagdeesh “Meditations for Transformation: The Expansive Spirit” playing in the background.

The class was divided into two lines of people facing each other. One by one, we each walked through the tight space while our classmates whispered words of affirmation in our ear. The goal was for them to speak the truth of who we are and for us to open our mind, heart and soul to accept the words. Or as Reverend Lola told me before my procession began, “Let the words wash over you.”

mahalkitaleyna 16

Before my walk began, I stood at the start of the line with my back to Reverend Lola. As I waited to start, she trailed her hands across my arm and back. She was standing so close that I could feel her breath on the back of my neck. At the same time, she was in constant contact with the person across from me who would walk next. No one was left untouched. Everyone was grounded and prepared.

Everything was heightened during this sacred time. The exercise was conducted in silence except for the people who were whispering into the loved one’s ear as they passed. There was no time when a hand was not connecting with them, stabilizing them, guiding them and caressing them. It was a loved filled space. A heart filled moment and a soul touching experience.

There were smiles and tears of joy throughout the evening. I felt love for everyone.  Most especially, for myself.

With Love and Wonder,


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