My Deepest Heart’s Desire – Day 7

This is the seventh and last day I will post the results of listening for my deepest heart’s desire which involves:

  1. Asking myself, “What is my deepest heart’s desire?“.
  2. Meditating on the question and listening to the still voice inside.
  3. Recording the answer in my journal.

Day 7 Results

I am tempted to say, “It has all come down to this job opportunity that materialized out of nowhere”, but I know there is much more for me to do on this planet. Having a perfect employment partner is just the start. Resources are abundant and can be sourced from all directions.

As I prepare for my interview today, I think back on something Reverend Lola Wright told me:

Knowing your brilliance and radiance shines.  Trusting that the right and perfect partnership for employment is revealed! Today is PERFECT!

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