Affirmation: Clearing Blocks to Unconditional Self-love [Audio]

Joan Coletto  is my spiritual practitioner. As of today, I have been seeing her once-a-week for the past 6 weeks.

Joan focuses on helpng me identify and clear mental and emotional blocks so that I can progress.

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During today’s session, we examined my death wish. It is closely tied to the traumatic death of my mother and the feeling that I failed her. There is also the more subtle programming of people telling me that I was just like my mother. Sometimes this was said in warmth and praise referring to her open heart, generosity and resilience. More often than not, the words were said with disdain. She and thus me, were judged for her drug addiction, mental illness and single parent status.


I am in the process of reclaiming my life and declaring myself worthy of my own destiny. Out of this, comes the following mantra:

I am living life. I am happy, strong and healthy.

Here is a recording of the affirmation.

With love and hope,



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