Today’s Affirmation: Peace, Freedom and Wholeness

The Breakthrough

I have long resisted thinking of myself as a creative person. During a breakthrough in therapy, I realized the block is because my mom was creative and the loss of her was so traumatic, I disconnected from my creative self. As a child, I loved to sing, dance and draw. As I loss my voice during years of abuse, I also loss my ability to express myself through creativity.

During a class retreat with Bodhi Spiritual Center, I was lead through a guided meditation by our class faciltator Reverend Lola Wright. During this meditation, I was asked to identify the God qualities I wanted to embody. I long to reconnect with my original power of creativity, so I chose the God qualities of peace, freedom and wholeness. I figured embracing those characteristics will open me to explore all aspects of my being, including creativity.

The Chosen Affirmation

I am a creative being realizing my full potential by embodying peace, freedom and wholeness.

With Love





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