It’s a Soul Searching Journey

The shamans believe that every time a person experiences a trauma, a bit of their soul is lost. Psychoanalyst refer to this soul loss as dissociation which occurs to enable us to survive the trauma and continue functioning. After a lifetime of little to huge pieces of your awareness being separated from you, there are bound to be consequences. Primarily persistent feelings of incompleteness, anxiety and longing.

But Soul Loss, or psychological disassociation, is not limited to extreme cases of abuse or trauma. It can be found in different degrees in most people materializing as addictions, eating disorders, identity disorders, post traumatic stress, depression, codependency, narcissism, low self-esteem, and adjustment disorders.

I decided to start my own journey towards soul retrieval and healing after joining the Bodhi Spiritual Center. It became apparent that I was disconnected from a big part of my own consciousness as a human being. My spirit was practically unacknowledged in my life and it was not working in my favor. The crisis point came after I experienced my third occurrence of breast cancer which required a double-mastectomy. There’s nothing like losing a body part to remind you of your physical and now spiritual incompleteness.

Over the course of several weeks, I built myself a healing team. This blog will cover my journey to healing and introduce you to my various team members and the healing services they provide. Please feel free to reach out with any questions you have. My plan is to share the discoveries and final results of my journey with everyone seeking to heal from trauma, or simply become more of their authentic selves.

With Gratitude,


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